We are the Good Herdsmen

Founded in 1989, The Good Herdsmen is a collective of real people united by a desire to farm better. Now one of the most trusted organic meat processors in Europe, our movement has grown but our mission remains as pure as that very first day: protecting the balance of our natural environment through a genuine respect for our livestock and land.

The Good Herdsmen Farmer
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The Good Herdsmen organic pasture raised beef - ribeye
Organic is Good for All

When it comes to our animals, our land and our consumers, we know that organic is good for all. This belief lies at the heart of The Good Herdsmen.

It’s the reason we spearheaded this movement all those years ago. It’s the reason we’re one of Europe’s largest producers of organic beef today. What started as an idea is now a nationwide network of organic farmers, producing exceptional quality organic beef for domestic and export markets across Europe and beyond.