Our Six Pillars of Focus

At The Good Herdsmen, we’ve directed our focus at six key pillars which we believe are at the heart of every successful organic pasture based farming system.

1. Soil Health

This is where it all begins. Healthy soils are the
foundation of a thriving ecosystem.

2. Livestock Welfare

Steers and heifers grazing outdoors in their natural environment for most of the year.

3. Crop Diversity

Clover coupled with combination crops like peas, oats and barley keep our cattle and land nourished.

4. Bio­diversity

Rewilding areas of our land helps our environment
remain balanced through its natural rhythm.

5. Water quality

Recycling water, ensuring good filtration and keeping our water supply pristine.

6. Farmer Education

We believe in spreading the word. Partnering with respected industry bodies to host farm visits and training sessions to show other farmers the potential of having a successful organic enterprise.