We don’t compromise

There are so many reasons why organic pasture raised beef is better. At The Good Herdsmen, this is something we feel deep to our core. That’s why we never make any compromises. It takes some more time, care and attention, but it’s the only way we’d ever have it.

Irish organic pasture raised beef is better because… 

  • Our animals live in a calm setting where they are free to exhibit their natural behaviours.
  • We don’t use routine medicines. Instead we allow nature to do what it’s always done naturally.
  • Our farmers leverage principles of regenerative agriculture to consistently replenish the land. This ensures the land is protected for future generations.
  • Our cattle graze on the healthiest nutrient-rich pastures. A diet that was naturally intended for them. 
  • It’s healthier for consumers too. Our beef is lower in saturated fat and higher in omega-3 fatty acids and key antioxidants that help boost resistance to disease. 
The Good Herdsmen Cattle Organic Pasture Raised Beef