A trusted source of nutrition

The Good Herdsmen is trusted as one of the main suppliers to the organic baby food sector in Europe. We have been serving the organic baby food industry for over a decade. This is a serious endorsement of the quality of our meat and we never take it lightly. Our organic Irish beef is reared to the highest standards of food safety and traceability. It’s quality assured through rigorous independent audits conducted by certified organic and government bodies on our farms throughout the year.

the good herdsmen - a trusted source of nutrition from day one
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Good Herdsmen cattle in a field

Quality assured at every stage

We believe that quality begins at the farm gate and carries through to our own facilities and processes. We begin with the highest quality organic Irish beef. Then we have an expert team of quality assurance professionals who oversee every stage of processing. This is always further complemented through independent audits. We have earned a trusted reputation over decades and we work tirelessly to bring the highest quality Irish organic beef to our customers and their consumers.