We are the good herdsmen

bio pasture raised stampThe Good Herdsmen is a collective of real people united by a desire to farm better. A pioneering streak sits at our core and this same hunger for change is what drives our movement today. We’re on a mission to protect the balance of our natural environment – going back to the way it was while leveraging all that we know now.


Good Herdsmen cattle in a field
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Organic Pasture Raised Beef

Clean air and lush green pastures. That’s Ireland. Our little island is hugged by the Gulf Stream, causing a mild climate with lots of rain and abundant grass growth. This enables our cattle graze outdoors for most of the year, happy and healthy, in a pure natural setting.

Our Beef

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Putting animal welfare first

Animal welfare is the top priority of every farmer in our collective, giving the utmost care and respect to each animal in the herd. Doing the right thing by our cattle is the only way for us. We take every measure to minimise stress, ensuring our livestock thrive in an environment where cattle can just be cattle.

Animal Welfare             Organic Farming

bio pasture raised stamp

Good Herdsmen cattle in a field
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A trusted source of nutrition

For decades The Good Herdsmen has been trusted to serve the organic baby food sector in Europe. This is a serious endorsement of the quality of our meat and we don’t take it lightly. Our organic Irish beef is reared to the highest standards of food safety and traceability. It’s quality assured through rigorous independent audits conducted by certified organic and government bodies on our farms throughout the year.

Traceability           Quality

the good herdsmen - a trusted source of nutrition from day one