The best beef is Irish, organic and pasture raised

Ireland provides the perfect natural setting for producing organic pasture raised beef. Our unique climate means that cattle get to spend most of their time outdoors. Our deeply rooted farming tradition means that animal husbandry is in our DNA. The taste of The Good Herdsmen organic Irish beef is a result of all these elements working in harmony.

The Good Herdsmen organic pasture raised beef - loin
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Good Herdsmen cattle in a field
Only ever organic pasture

Our cattle are only ever reared and fattened on an exclusively organic pasture raised diet, without routine medicines. It’s better for our cattle but it’s better for consumers too.

Pasture raised beef is lower in saturated fat and higher in omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also higher in vitamin A and vitamin E, two key antioxidants that help boost resistance to disease. We believe that the natural way is the best way and the exceptional quality of our meat is testament to this.