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bio pasture raised stampFor us quality begins at the farm gate and carries right through to the final product. Our organic beef comes from only steers and heifers, slaughtered under 36 months to guarantee deliciously tender beef. Starting off with the highest quality raw material puts us in the strongest position to achieve unrivalled premium quality every time.

Once it reaches our facilities, our beef is matured using ABP’s patented Ultra-Tender® process. Then it’s expertly butchered to meet the exact specifications of our customers across the globe. Our quality assurance team ensures the highest standards are being met at every stage, with regular independent audits happening too. The Good Herdsmen is known for premium quality and we are consistently working to be even better.

The Good Herdsmen organic pasture raised beef

More about our product

We’re one of Europe’s largest producers of organic beef, and supply to customers in the areas of retail, food service, and manufacturing, always providing the highest standards of food safety and quality assurance.


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Proudly distributed across Europe

Every ounce of care and attention to detail we put in is reflected in the taste of our beef. That’s why The Good Herdsmen is the organic beef of choice for many well-known retailers and Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe. Our customers benefit from full consistency and security of supply throughout the year.